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What I dislike about the Starbucks Verismo

Not only I would like to share the things that I like about the Verismo, but also a few things that I dislike.

The Starbucks Coffee Maker has very little that I don’t like but to be honest, I have to mention a few things that annoyed me a bit.

So before you buy it, I thought I should put a quick list together of the things that I was a bit disappointed about. These issues are personal, you may experience them differently.

  • If you’re used to drink your coffee from a mug, the serving sizes are maybe a bit small.
  • You can’t place your travel mug under the machine.
  • No visible temperature control, there is no LCD read out.
  • At the Starbucks stores, they don’t sell Verismo pods.
  • Overall do the pro’s on this machine outweigh the negative points. I really love the Verismo Starbucks now and it has been a very reliable machine.

Overall I am very positive, this coffee machine from Starbucks is definitely worth it.


What I like about the Verismo Starbucks