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What I like about the Verismo Starbucks

Verismo-System-by-Starbucks-580-Piano-BlackHi there all, below I have written a small list of the things I like about the Verismo. There a lot more advantages than I have listed here. I listed these things that really stood out to me for the purpose of this website.

I am sure that you will find many more advantages and good points with this Verismo coffeemaker after you use it for a while.

See below the list on the features that I really like:

  • It is in my opinion the best single serve coffeemaker available.
  • It doesn’t take up much space of your counter.
  • It makes a cup of coffee really fast, ready to serve in 8 seconds.
  • The Verismo makes Cafe Latte, espresso and brewed coffee.
  • There are a lot of accessories and parts available.
  • It definitely is hot enough.
  • Discard bin inside the coffeemaker.
  • It has a height adjustable drip tray.
  • It is smart. It knows whether you have put in a coffee pod or an espresso pod.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • It’s in different colors available.
  • Great Customer Service.

This is my list of features and benefits. There are more and I am sure you will discover how great this Starbucks coffeemaker is for your self.


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